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Eviction Prevention for Vulnerable Adults (EPVA)

EPVA provides a 1 year subsidy with the option of renewal at the end of the year. The tenant is required to pay $350 of the rent regarless of bedroom size. The breakdown is as follows:

Bedroom Size, Maximum Rent, Maximum Subsidy

  • Studio,       $1,000,        $650
  • One,          $1100,         $750
  • Two,          $1200,         $850

Enhanced One Shot Deal for Working Families

This DHS and HRA program allows families who have income to quickly leave the shelters and establish their independence. The program provides:

  • four months' rent
  • security voucher
  • broker's fee (1/2 month's rent)
  • furniture allowance
  • storage fees
  • moving expenses


The breakdown is as follows:

Household size, Months of Advanced Rent

  • 1 Person                                        3 months
  • 2 Persons (no children)              3 months
  • 2 Persons (child in household) 4 months
  • 3+ Persons                                   4 months


The following clients are eligible:


  • those who have an active or single issue PA case
  • those who have been eligible in shelter for 60 days
  • those who have a gross income at the FEPS threshold.


Once an apartment is found and the landlord agrees to rent it to the tenant, the following application packet must be sent to the Office of Client Resources (OCR):

  • copy of lease or letter from Broker or Landlord
  • employment verification (last 30 days of pay stubs or employment letter)
  • residency letter including the name, relationship and date of birth of all family members
  • contribution letter from client detailing amount they can contribute, if any
  • copy of the money order addressed to the landlord for any contribution amount
  • ladlord request letter
  • copy of deed. water bill, utility bill showing landlord ownership
  • security deposit voucher form, W-147N
  • broker's request letter
  • HRA broker request form, W-147JJ
  • copy of current broker's license


A lot of landlords feel weary about renting an apartment to a HASA tenant. Don't be. HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) is New York City's resource organization for people who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. They provide housing services including emergency transitional housing, non-emergency housing, rental assistance, and home care and homemaking services. 

HIV/AIDS is not airborne nor contagious. It is only transferrable through the exchange of bodily fluids. This means that their medical condition will not affect you or any of the other tenants living in your residence. Sadly, a lot of these clients have been stigmatized and discriminated against for their HIV/AIDS status and have no place to live. 

Stand above the rest. Depending on the person's resources, they may be required to pay a portion of the rent or program fees. Since a portion of the tenant's rent comes directly from the government, you are guaranteed to get a portion of your monthly rent (which is much more than you can say for working clients).